Sunday, October 3, 2010

she called it sculpture

In the pay-what-you-can gathering where i previewed the format for the art of writing, sharing and performing poetry class i'm offering on thursday nights, 8-10pm, beginning the 14th, 4 thursdays in a row--she called it sculpture. she called it something there in the wet set of yest that makes itself whatever it is when it makes itself up. i am, what? exactly? thinking about editing. about organizing. about throwing things away. about making product. about making necklaces of story and sitting quietly on the ground and being myself, like mama tree, there on the sidewalks of san francisco, making and teaching and doing her unobtrusive thing. i am not brave enough for mama tree's life, but i am learning to be brave enough for my own. and this poetry offering is a beginning. and i am full of expectation and hope and possibility and joy and desire and willingness to grow for four thursdays in a row with the gathering tribe of willing participants edging toward sculpture. an elegant solution.

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