Sunday, February 17, 2008

starting the conversation

it is such arrogance to think that when one joins the conversation, one is starting it. i think about this on the journey toward my MA degree in transformative arts. it--this topic of transformation--is as ancient as alchemy. it is the study--the attention to detail--of the daily process of becoming. it seems, as i deepen my understanding, ever so slowly, that it is the art of paying attention. to see things in the seed--oak trees in the acorn--and to know, when planted deep and properly watered, there will, one day, be the grand ecosystem of tree that marks and makes for the miracle of all that lives in it, on it and from it.

it is this kind of faith--the farmers faith--in planting seeds--that i must cultivate. it is an ancient art, this transformation. it is no more and no less than being human.