Wednesday, May 14, 2008

witness writing: a.i.r. vs. p.i.r.



me: okay, what is art?

witness: a way of knowing
a spiritual practice
a way of seeing,
made visible and shared.

me: is that it?

witness: isn't that what you're
finding? a way of
entering, giving
yourself permission
to enter artfully with
consciousness of artful
expression: artmaking,
poetry, written (literary)

me: yes...and?

witness: and the experience,
when shared simply by
being visible, being an
artist in the act of
artmaking, a poet in
the act of crafting
poetry, a writer, with
a pen in her hand and
an open book, and
a visible concentration?
commitment to task?
this makes seeing the
act of artmaking
possible for both
YOURSELF and others.

me: yes.

witness: and it demonstrates
a possibility--
without need of
any kind of
promotional material
just the thing
itself--just the
act of being--
allows for others
to find, to encounter,
to allow the artist
in themselves a
little more room.

me: yes. seeing the possibility,
sensing the possibility,
allows for making room.

witness: yes and the "what can
i do" or "i can do
that" or "if she can
so it, i can do it"
impusle to rise up
in the witness/observer--and
they can create FOR THEM-
SELVES just what connects
for them.

me: yes.

witness: and the sense memory
of the observation of
art making, writing
done in public, a
human doing art
activities with accessible
materials gets
stored in the viewer
until such a time that
it can be activated.

me: YES-and what causes
that activation?

witness: that is an excellent
research question.

me: how can i determine that?

witness: ask.

me: ask who?

witness: ask all the artists
you know. ask
people who see you
making art. ask
in general terms on
craig's list. ask.

me: ask what?

witness: ask what activated
them as art maker.
ask what welled
up inside them so
big that action
was required. ask
what gave them
permission to finally make?
ask what deepend in them
in such a way that artmaking
became the only appropriate
response. ask.

me: okay.

witness: the rainbow has
arrived. eat it before
it melts.

you are already full--
you know.

this dessert is a completion
ritual you don't HAVE
to partake in.

me: i know. but i want to.
i'm following my pleasure.

witness: dive in w/discipline

me: yes.