Tuesday, September 18, 2007

transformation arts professionals

so i've gone to vistaprint--back when i was stronger--and in a fit of confidence i made up a company called transformation arts professionals. and i made business cards. and i wrote a little catch phrase about transforming work, school and suburban environments. and i outlined a business plan. and i invited friends to collaborate. and in envisioned a kind of headhunter/placement agency that offered the right transformation professional for the particular ailment of the culture in question--and i convinced myself of the need for this kind of business--a business that gets gigs for transformative artists and puts them in environments where their particular kind of magic can make its biggest impact...

and then i had sixteen people in my house for 45 days
and then i got tired
and lost my vision
and got scared
and gave up

but today, i said goodbye to my last houseguest
right before i picked up a friend's kids for the night
and, well, i stumbled upon a vlog by suziblu
and remembered how important transformation is to people
who are otherwise stuck in cubicles and cars and apartments and big sprawling houses with too many people in them
and i found a shred of something that was so sure of itself only a few short months ago

and i am following that shred of possibility
and recording its existence
and breathing deep
for the dream

if you are someone who might want to play, please let me know who you are...